Day 14. Accountability Check

How are you doing at finding something you can praise about your person each day–and telling them and at least one other person? In a challenging relationship it can be difficult to avoid focusing on the negatives, so look for and make a list of real and positive things you appreciate. Pick one as your affirmation for … Continue reading Day 14. Accountability Check


Day 6. Everyone Makes Mistakes: Be Supportive

Everyone makes mistakes, and is touched by unconditional support and encouragement—especially when they don't deserve it. The next time your person suffers consequences from a mistake (gets a bad grade on a test, embarrassed in a meeting, mentions the criticism they got from their spouse), offer your unconditional support and/or encouragement with no mention of … Continue reading Day 6. Everyone Makes Mistakes: Be Supportive

Day 3. Deferential Disagreement

Today, don't argue with your person. Unless it is something life-or-business-altering, defer to them instead. Politely and positively let them know that although you disagree, you're fine with doing it their way. ("Although my personal preference is to log the students' science fair projects this other way, I know you've thought this through so let's … Continue reading Day 3. Deferential Disagreement