Love & Warmth In Your Home

A commercial for a vacation destination showed film footage of happy people in beautiful surroundings. The announcer said, “Enjoy the warm, welcoming hospitality of our people. Come relax, unwind, and enjoy. Once you experience it, you’ll want to return over and over again.” I could not help but think to myself, “That is what I … Continue reading Love & Warmth In Your Home


Day 6. Everyone Makes Mistakes: Be Supportive

Everyone makes mistakes, and is touched by unconditional support and encouragement—especially when they don't deserve it. The next time your person suffers consequences from a mistake (gets a bad grade on a test, embarrassed in a meeting, mentions the criticism they got from their spouse), offer your unconditional support and/or encouragement with no mention of … Continue reading Day 6. Everyone Makes Mistakes: Be Supportive