Resurrecting Your Marriage

If you can’t think of a single reason to stay with your spouse, remember that Jesus went to the Cross for you when you were useless to Him. He kept His covenant with you when you didn’t give Him a single reason to.


Do you feel like your marriage is hanging on by its last strand? Like the rope that once held you together has unraveled, and you are not sure how much longer it will hold? Despite what you may think, or what Satan may be telling you, it is not a lost cause! We serve a God of restoration and redemption. Stop looking at that unraveled rope and gaze upon our miracle working God. If there are people in your life speaking negativity over your marriage and pointing your attention to the unraveled rope, it’s time to remind them, and yourself, that if Jesus can resurrect a dead person, He can resurrect a dead marriage. God loves you and He loves your marriage. He longs to see unity in your marriage even more than you do. Your marriage is not a joke to Him and is not something He takes lightly. Hang in there and cling to God’s word and His faithfulness. He is fighting for your marriage. 

Taking the child by the hand, He *said to her, “Talitha kum!” (which translated means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” ). Immediately the girl got up and began to walk, for she was twelve years old. And immediately they were completely astounded.
Mark 5:41‭-‬42 NASB


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