Day 14. Accountability Check

How are you doing at finding something you can praise about your person each day–and telling them and at least one other person? In a challenging relationship it can be difficult to avoid focusing on the negatives, so look for and make a list of real and positive things you appreciate. Pick one as your affirmation for today (then you can refer back to the list on other days).
Coach’s Corner: As The Kindness Challenge puts it, “What you focus on is what you will see.” Train yourself to focus on the positives that are always there, even with the most difficult people, and you’ll notice them more often.Or perhaps the issue isn’t the difficulty of the relationship but simply the need to be more purposeful. So consider and implement a specific success strategy. For example: “I see my high-school daughter every day, so I can remember to praise her, but I forget to say those positive things about her to someone else. I will post a sticky note on my computer each day or set an alarm on my phone to remind me to mention good things about her to friends/colleagues.”
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