Day 8. Be thankful

Find one thing your person has done recently that you can be thankful for and send them an email, text or note of thanks. (“I saw that you put away the DVDs in the living room like I asked, thanks for doing that.” “Thanks for stepping up for me in that meeting yesterday.” “I noticed that you asked Mom to back off a bit, appreciate that.” “You’re awesome for always bringing snacks to the kids’ volleyball games.”)
Coach’s Corner: Most of us want to be affirming, yet the research found we don’t actually state praise as often as we think we do. Keeping the need for praise at the front-of-mind each day (as you do during the 30-Day Kindness Challenge) is crucial to building a real habit. The research also found ten common, unseen obstacles that keep us from stating praise; see Chapter 7 to determine which you most need to work on.
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