Day 7. Checking In

Accountability check: How are you doing at saying nothing negative—either to your person or about them to somebody else? Look back on the past week, identify any cases where youwere negative, despite your efforts. List those in a journal or notebook. Next to each, identify the reasons you slipped up (“I’m so tempted to join in when my friends are dissing that other person, because I want to fit in”) and what you could have done differently to prevent the negativity from occurring (“I could have just left the room when they started talking about her”). Pick one or two success strategies to employ next time.

Coach’s Corner: Those unrealized ways we are negative are usually what most sabotages our efforts to be kind—without our ever realizing it. So knowing and addressing your negativity triggers is a small action with a huge impact. (If you are still unsure what your negativity triggers are, there’s a list in Chapter 6.

Click here to take an online Negativity Assessment to identify your negativity pattern.Coach’s Check-Up: Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first week. Even if you aren’t yet seeing the results, you will! And the most positive change may be the way you feel about yourself after these thirty days. Stick with it! (Use #JoinKindness to post how youare feeling about your efforts, and see how others are doing.)


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