Grateful for Each Other

It is too easy to take for granted what you have in life and then find yourself riddled with envy, resentment, and discontentment. But what if you were to live from a place of gratitude? Gratitude is the antidote to envy, resentment, and discontentment; it tames the desire for more and leads to a content heart. Gratitude creates space for peace in your marriage, but it will also help you see the best in each other. Treating your spouse with gratitude means recognizing your life would be lacking without them and the tremendous blessings they provide. You were created for each other and to help each other through this life—not simply to survive but to thrive.

When practiced daily, gratitude can yield healthy benefits and nurture a lasting and meaningful marriage. Count your blessings! Even in the midst of a fight, you can still be grateful. For example, someone who is ungrateful for their spouse will constantly desire more things and more changes. They are rude and hateful when they encounter marital conflict. A grateful person demonstrates loving compassion, displays contentment, and approaches conflict with love and grace. They are a joy to be around!

Quick Tip

You were likely taught from a young age to be thankful for what you have in life. Your parents probably told you to mind your manners, and as an adult, you have learned that there is much to be grateful for in relationships as well. A life of gratitude is not only good for your marriage, but it’s also good for your physical and mental health. Decide together that you will both be grateful people who demonstrate gratitude in all you do. Enjoy time together, do something kind, and find a way to practice gratitude in your marriage today.


Letting your spouse know you are grateful for their presence in your life is a wonderful way to affirm him or her as your spouse. Demonstrating gratitude for them on a regular basis creates an atmosphere for the miraculous and the abundant. Actions that say “I am grateful for you” will generate a beautiful exchanges. What is one way you can demonstrate gratitude for your spouse today?


Everyone wants to be valued and appreciated. They want to know they are noticed and not overlooked in this world. In your marriage, you both make sacrifices for each other, and those should be acknowledged in some way. Don’t allow an attitude of “Well, that’s his or her job” to take precedence in your home. Such thinking fosters selfishness. What is one way you can demonstrate gratitude for your spouse today?

Heavenly Father, we come to you today with a heart of gratitude for who you are, for all you’ve done, and for blessing our marriage. Help us live and love in a way that is a constant demonstration of thankfulness. Amen.

For more devotions like this, check out Adam Davis and Lt. Col. David Grossman’s book Bulletproof Marriage.


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