Becoming One

Couples used to enter marriage with an absolute resolve to be married to each other until death. Now, many couples list reasons why they will abandon the relationship before they ever begin! The moment you begin listing reasons why you’ll leave the marriage is the moment you start punching holes in it. Stop giving yourself an excuse for a way out and start pursuing the Father together through prayer! The only hope for a successful marriage is a joint effort and a relentless determination to make your marriage the best it can be. Do the work, do the right things, and avoid the temptation to criticize your spouse; these are the checkpoints on the marital road map to success.

The ultimate key for the success of your marriage is for you to consistently pursue God together and to do so daily. Life will get busy, and stress will become overwhelming at times, but as long as the relationship is prioritized, and Christ remains the center, you will be empowered to overcome any challenges you face as a couple. Beyond all the rules and requirements religion places on mankind, an authentic, intimate, and consistent relationship with Jesus Christ is the single greatest element of any marriage. One way you can get there today is to pray. Pray together, pray regularly, pray in the Spirit, and pray boldly.

Quick Tip

Praying together is the invisible shield of protection around your marriage. It’s the secret weapon that cannot be touched, regulated, or controlled by anyone but you. If your prayers have not been answered, consider your relationship with your spouse. Treat your spouse with love, honor, and respect, and God will open the windows of heaven over your relationship. Pray together daily.


Many sheepdogs know the greatest strength they have is in their submission to the Great Shepherd. We get to know the Great Shepherd through regular prayer, a right heart, pure motives, and studying His Word. Praying with your spouse is a simple yet powerful way to invite God’s presence into your marriage. Pray over your spouse for protection, wisdom, peace, and the blessings of God’s Word. Pray together and individually. This is one area of your life where ammo shortage will never be an issue. You are always fully loaded and ready to pray.


The days are busy and jam-packed with things to do and places to go with no time for peace, rest, or time to spend with those you love. When you do spend time together, you’re both mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Communication is often undesired. One of the most powerful things you can do is not only pray together but also pray for your spouse when you are apart. Let them know you are praying for them. Write it down in a journal and watch how God moves in your lives over time. Pray with and for your spouse daily.

Heavenly Father, we come to you as husband and wife, asking you to stir in our hearts a deeper, more passionate hunger for your Word and your presence in our lives. Increase our desire to pray together more consistently. Thank you, Father, for this marriage, and all you are doing in our lives. Amen.


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