Set Aside “US” Time

How much time each week do you and your spouse set aside for time together? Have you found yourselves just too busy for time with one another? It’s easy to get caught up in schedules. Work schedules, school schedules and even church schedules. Most people have calendars. Whether it’s digital, or calendar on the wall we all have something on the calendar. We live in blocks of time. Time to work, sleep, etc. I think you get the idea. Why not block out time each week for some us time? Not you and me but, you and your spouses “us” time. Grab your calendar or smartphone right now and block in weekly “us” time. It can be a walk on the beach, a dinner date or just some quiet time together on the porch. You need this time to connect. Talk about life. Talk about things that will help your marriage grow. Even if you don’t have deep conversation you still have made the effort to set time aside for one another. You won’t regret it. 


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