“Is It Worth It?”

Thomas and Alison both came from broken homes. After a really good first year of marriage, life together began to have rough patches. By the end of year three, there were a lot more tough days than good days. They found themselves at a crossroads. They could take the path their parents took and get a divorce, or they could fight for their marriage. They decided to fight. For them, it was more than a decision. It really became a conviction and a mindset. That proved to be essential as they began to work through their own baggage from the past and then the problems in their marriage. It was a really difficult journey.
One of their first steps was to find a Christian counselor. That was an integral part of the entire process. They needed someone to guide them, pray with them and for them, and help them heal individually and together as a couple. Like a lot of us, they thought as they entered a new life together the baggage from their past would just go away. It didn’t. Could God miraculously have healed them? Yes, but it seems there is more value for us as He guides and walks with us through the healing process. That is what He did with Thomas and Alison.
Putting God first was another priority. That, too, was a process as they learned to pray and read the Bible together, and found a church home. In church they found people who loved them and were willing to walk with them through this tough journey.
Is your marriage worth fighting for? Is it worth the work? My answer for you is “yes.” Yes it is worth the fight and the work. Your problems may be like those Thomas and Alison dealt with; they could be worse or they might not be as bad. Wherever you land, the answer is the same: God. Why not start there today?
Today’s Challenge:
1. Dr. Kim says that fighting for your marriage takes work. What work are you going to do?
2. Define what “being glued together” looks like for the two of you in your marriage.
3. Why are the battle scars of victory worth the cost for your marriage?
Going Deeper:
As you face the everyday issues and problems of life and marriage, begin the habit of taking all of those to God and let Him give you the answers that you would never have without Him.

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men,


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