The Indwelling Teacher

We need to realize that what we often want is not what scripture gives us. What we want, are answers to our day-to-day questions. How can I better communicate with my wife? Like, what do you do when you grab dinner on your way home and then you find out that your wife prepared a … Continue reading The Indwelling Teacher

Living by the Covenant

Live by the covenant and not by your mood. Part of the challenge of marriage is that people tend to be consumed with how they feel in the moment instead of the covenant conviction. The key to a marriage is that it is not about you, but about God’s glory. How do I die to … Continue reading Living by the Covenant


If you watch any military shows or movies, you’ve probably heard a general or soldier yelling, “They’re trying to flank us!” In military tactics, this is where the enemy will try to attack from the side or from behind. The reason troops don’t want to get flanked is because it forces them to divide their … Continue reading Unity